Gillian Sild

Musical Director (2005 – 2010)

Gillian has lived and worked in the North East since 1981, during which time she has become well known as both a soprano soloist and singing teacher. She has performed throughout the area in opera, oratorio, operetta and recital work, and still appears as a soloist in a variety of venues.

Now retired, she was a teacher at Brougham Primary School in Hartlepool and spent much of her time promoting singing within the school. She also worked as an animateur for the Singing Communities Project, and then Second Wave, and this took her into a number of other primary schools in the town to work with their choirs.

In 2005 Gillian became Musical Director of the Hartlepool Youth Choir, working with both the senior and training choirs. In 2009 she conducted the finale of a Choral Prom in Hartlepool with a combined choir of over 250 singers from a number of choirs in the town.

Gillian was also the Musical Director of Billingham Oratorio Choir (renamed as Tees Harmonic in 2016) from 2007 to 2016 and enjoyed working on a variety of choral works with the choir.

In 2011 she was appointed as Musical Director of Northern Voices in Darlington.

2 thoughts on “Gillian Sild

  1. Sonja Allen

    Hello my name is Sonja Allen

    I am a singer song writer guitarist I am looking for a choir or 7 to 8 females helping me to back up on the chorus of my new song ….its a peace song ….do you think you can help me

    thank you

    Sonja Allen


    1. elizabethhyc Post author

      Hi Sonja, I’m afraid we won’t be able to help as we are no longer an active group and this is now just an archive site. There are, however, lots of choirs in Teesside. Please see our Contact page.



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