About Us

The choir was founded in 1970 and throughout its history was a mixed voice or three-part choir. It was a non-sectarian ensemble for young people.

In more recent years, the Choir was made up of two sections – a training choir and a senior choir.
The training choir, which began in 1997, was for members aged from 7-10.
The senior choir was for older members up to age 25.

The repertoire was always varied, and over the years included the works of composers such as Mozart, Bach, Elgar, Kodaly and even some Lennon and McCartney!

As a member of the British Federation of Young Choirs the choir had the opportunity of working under the direction of many famous conductors including Sir David Willcocks, the late Sir Charles Groves, John Rutter, Laszlo Heltay and Sir Philip Ledger, to name but a few. The choir travelled the country taking part in national and international singing events, carrying with them the good name of Hartlepool.

The choir was a non-profit organisation and performed to support the fundraising of various charities, as well as to raise money for its own funds.

In 2010 the choir came to an end due to low numbers.

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